Here are some commonly asked questions and answers regarding TIANB’s Responsible Beverage online training course.

How long does the course take?

Approximately 4 hours to complete.

How long is the certification valid for?

Three years.

I lost my certificate. Can I get it re-issued?

Yes. For up to 30 days after your order the course, you are able to login to your account and download your certificate at any time. After 30 days, we will re-issue your certificate for a small fee of $10. Purchase here.

I have an Ontario Smart Serve certificate. Is it valid in New Brunswick?

Smart Serve is an Ontario program, therefore is only valid in Ontario.

What about an alcohol training certificate from another province?

Other provinces have similar alcohol service and safety programs with an aim of teaching staff how to responsibility serve alcohol to the public. Since these are all provincial certifications, the certificates are only valid in the province in which they were issued.

Is there a minimum age to take the Responsible Beverage course?

No, there is no minimum age required.

I have a question that isn’t answered here. Who do I contact?

Please contact our Manager of Technology and Training here.